Their activity are mainly the maintenance of the national languague and culture, as well as the publicity of them. They are organising programs, movements which help to them to be a part of the hungarian culture. Their purpose is making the national languague ang culture stronger and widespread inside their own civil nationel society, too.
- The House of the Slovak Culture, maintaning it as a community park
- The maintenance of professional and free time groups

Our needlework group is awarded with the Promegranate prize
- Publishing newsletters and yearbooks
- Event organization
We have in general two large events, one of them on the beginning of the year and the other one in fall. They are getting more and more populer and visited with a growing number of people. Besides that our smaller events made more people interested in traditions.
- Development, informing, guidance
Our organization gives advice, information and help in national, as well as in civil way.
- Caring the relations, advocacy
From our organization’s membership there are 4 people who represented our national interests and strengthend the relations of the organization in 4 different syndicates. On individual and communal level many realtions evolved by introductions, performs and prezentations.
- Voluntary employment